Infinite Prosperity Review

Name: Infinite Prosperity

Description: Swing trading, set-and-forget

Price range: $498


  • Profitability
  • Price
  • Course quality
  • Ease of use


Infinite Prosperity is an Australian online course created by Amy Sangster, Lewis Mocker, and Robert Himler in 2012. The course teaches lessons in Forex trading, investing and wealth building. But 90% of the course is about Forex trading though. 2 swing trading systems are taught, both set-and-forget.


  • The system is consistently profitable
  • Suitable for Forex newbies as well
  • Big course, of excellent quality



  • Expensive
  • Only few trade setups per month
  • Member forum is not very active

Test Results:

Infinite Prosperity Profit Test Results

About the portal / course contents

Infinite Prosperity offers a total of 10 extensive and high quality course lessons, which can be accessed on an online portal.

The first 7 extensive lessons teach about the basics of trading, wealth building and investing. In the next lessons 2 Forex swing trading strategies and 1 investing strategy are taught.

There is a member forum on the site and a dozen of useful spreadsheets for download. A full year of free coaching by a professional trader is included in the price as well.

The good and bad about the course

The course is a big course. It is well organized, inspiring and the embedded videos are of perfect length: not too long, not too short. The course is very informational and entertaining also. Really a fun to go through.

A drawback is the high price. The Infinite Prosperity staff is clearly focused on getting wealthy themselves, and so they ask a $500 for the course. And that’s much, despite its high quality.

Another drawback is the inactivity of its member forum. Below screenshot from it speaks for itself.

Follow-up education

Infinite Prosperity offers 2 follow-up education programs for those who have completed the course: the Platinum Membership and the Pro Trader program.

In the Platinum Membership you will learn extra day trading strategies and advanced swing trading strategies on top of the swing strategies you already know. The price of this program is not the lowest: about 4 times the price of the starter course. 

The Pro Trader program is not a course, but a monthly subscription that gives access to live trading rooms, a weekly market review and the daily watchlist, which is a list of 28 currency pairs that are on watch by a professional trader. The price of the Pro Trader program is $100 p/m. So not cheap either.

I haven’t purchased any of these follow-up programs, so I cannot say anything about their quality. 

About the Forex strategies

Infinite Prosperity teaches 2 set-and-forget swing trading strategies for Forex. Both are very simple to execute. Each day you analyse the charts and if there is a setup you place a pending order. Then you stay away from the screen for another 24 hours. That’s all. 

The strategy uses daily candles, some moving averages, the MACD indicator, support/resistance areas, some candle stick patterns and some other filters in its ruleset.

Chart analysis should not take more than 20-30 minutes per day. In the beginning it may take that long, but it will go quicker each day. I am done in less than 10 minutes each day (I analyse 28 pairs). 

Below example is a trade set up from the Forex Reversals strategy, taken from the course manual. 

Infinite Prosperity-Manual

Forward testing this strategy in real time is going to take some time, as the strategies produce only few setups per month. But paper testing in Metatrader goes very smoothly and quickly, so paper testing is definitely the quickest way to train this strategy.

TEST: Is the strategy profitable?

I had reserved 5 months for the test. The results are shown in below chart and they can be found on I consider a strategy consistently profitable if it returns at least 2% monthly, and the drawdown should remain below 15%.

With 2% monthly and a drawdown of below 2% the strategy (just) meets the criteria. However, there were only 20 trades in the test, so the results should be taken as an indication.

Infinite Prosperity Profit Test Results


The strategy works. It is profitable and it is also very safe to trade. Also important: it does not take much time to trade it, as it is a set-and-forget trading system.

But despite the high quality, and the profitability, I still wouldn’t recommend it, because of the price. The price should drop to below $250 first.

Important update 2020:

Recently, Infinite Prosperity went out of service and the course cannot be bought anymore. But Amy Sangster promised all IP members that the course material remains accessible for a lifetime.

So if you are really interested in this course, then there still may be a way to get the course material. Contact Amy Sangster directly and ask what’s still possible. Support and coaching is probably not included anymore, so there is room to negotiate a much lower price. Good luck with it!

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