How To Get And Install Forex Tester 1 For Free

Forex tester 1

The first edition of Forex Tester is from 2006 already. It is by far not that sohisticated and useful as the latest version from 2019, but it it still does a very good job.

Moreover, Forex Tester 1 does have a benefit that Forex Tester 4 doesn’t have. In FT1 you can import data that you can download for free elsewhere. This option is absent in Forex Tester 4. You have to purchase these data, for a monthly fee.

You cannot buy Forex Tester 1 anymore, as it is out of sale. So the only way to get it is by downloading it from the internet, and to unlock the software by means of a Key Generator.

Below I will show you how you to do that.

How to get Forex Tester 1

Forex Tester 1 can be found in Google, YouTube or a Torrent Site. Search for  “Forex Tester 1 + Key Generator”. When found, check if the source is trustworthy and download the file and unzip it.

Attention: When downloading, some Antivirus software such as Windows Defender may flag the Key Generator as a malware, as it is a kind of hacking tool. To fix that, temporarily disable the anti-virus software or flag the Key Generator as ‘safe’ to allow it on your computer.

Forex Tester 1
Forex Tester 1 Screen

Install and unlock Forex Tester

1 Unzip the file folder.

2 Double click on ‘Setup‘ to install Forex Tester.

3 After installation, Open Forex Tester.

4 Go inside Forex Tester to Help/Register program/.

5 Select I do not have a registration key” and press ‘Next’.

6 Press “Copy to Clipboard” to copy the number of the hardware ID.

7 Open the Key Generator by double clicking “keygen.exe”.

8 Paste the number of the hardware ID into the HWID field.

9 Click “generate”.

10 Copy the registration key that appears in the “registration key” field.

11 Go back to Forex Tester Help/Register program/.

12 Now select “i have a registration key”, and press ‘Next’.

13 Paste the registration key into the field.

14 Registration name = “User”.

15 Press “Next” and Restart Forex Tester.

16 Done!

17 Tip: write down the registration key. Forex Tester will automatically get locked again after a couple of weeks, and so you will have to re-register with the same key.

Download and import FREE minute data

Forex Tester 1 uses minute data. You can download the data from or

Below we are going to download data from forextester.

1  Go to the Forex Tester download page.

Scroll down the page to find EURUSD. Click on it to download the data.  See below image.

3 Unzip the downloaded file.

4 Go to Forex Tester and go to File/Import History Data.

5 Select the downloaded ‘EURUSD.txt‘ file in ‘Select a file to import’ (see below). Don’t adjust Shift time. Just click ‘Next’.

6 On the next window (like the one below) just click ‘import’.

7 Wait a few minutes till the data is imported.

Prepare the imported data for testing (generate tick-data)

1 Go to File/ Generate Ticks (for Testing Mode).

2 Check the “EURUSD” checkbox, select the desired From and To dates. Select “Generate by Open/Close/High/Low points”, and click on “Generate“, as shown in below image.


3 Wait a few minutes

Start testing

1  Select ‘Testing Mode” in the upper left part of the screen. Press ‘connect’ that is located next to it, as shown in below image.

2 Next window that follows is the History test parameters window. Don’t change anything. Just press “Start Testing“.


Forex Tester 1 short keys

  • Use ‘Ctrl+B‘ to place buy orders and ‘Ctrl+S‘ to place sell orders.
  • Use the right mouse button to place pending orders in the chart.
  • Use ‘Ctrl+C‘ to close trades/delete orders.

Go to Help/ Forex Tester help for tutorials inside Forex Tester 1.

I have reviewed a couple of trading strategies. The following are very suitable to test with Forex Tester 1:

PS: The latest edition of Forex Tester can be bought at ForexTester.


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