6 Forex Trading Systems, Tested And Reviewed (Summaries)

We have extensively reviewed and tested Forex trading courses and Forex trading strategies. You can find the full Forex Course reviews here. Read their quick summaries below.

Infinite prosperity

The Infinite Prosperity course teaches a set-and-forget swing trading system.

The good about the course is that it is a big one. It is suitable for newbies and the learning material is of high quality. Drawbacks are the high price, the inactivity of its member forum, the live strategy demonstration being only at an extra cost, and the strategy only giving a few setups monthly.

We have tested the strategy for about 6 months and it returned 2% monthly, with a very low drawdown of under 2%.

Infinite Prosperity Profit Test Results

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Day Trading Forex Live

The Bank trading course from Day Trading Forex Live teaches a day trading system that is based on ‘stop runs’ executed by institutional traders.

The strategy is about waiting for a stop run pattern in the chart, and then to make profit from the move following the stop run.

The DTFL strategy has a very mechanical ruleset. This is a good thing as it makes trading easier (no doubts or difficult decisions, just follow the rules).

The main Drawback of the course is that the learning material is disorganized and the strategy can be confusing in the beginning.

The 6 months strategy test produced a 3.5% profit monthly. The drawdown remained under 6%.

DTFL Bank Trading Test Results

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Trader Dale Volume Profile

Like the DTFL bank trading course, the Trader Dale Volume Profile Trading course also aims to follow the big banks and to make money with them.

But unlike DTFL’s ‘stop runs’, it uses ‘volume profiles’ to track the banks. This is done by means of a special indicator: the flexible volume profile indicator.

The good about this strategy is that it is very easy to learn and to execute. Drawback is its profitability. We have extensively tested Trader Dale’s intraday strategy and it gave us a -10% monthly loss and it blew half the account(!).

Trader Dale Test Results

Trader Dale also teaches a swing trading system. This swing trading system is also based on volume profiles, but the ruleset is different. It is a set-and-forget system and it only takes a few minutes a day to trade it.

The swing system has been tested separately and it was not successful either: no returns after 6 months, as shown below. A break-even so to speak.

Trader Dale Swing Trading Test Results

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Top Dog Foundations

Top Dog Trading offers 2 foundations courses which can be bought separately or together as a set of 2.

The Top Dog Trading system is designed for those traders that love to stare at the screens for hours, watching the markets, and patiently waiting for that perfect setup.

The course material is of good quality, with in-depth manuals and good quality videos. The drawback is the absence of live strategy demonstration or free live trading rooms. (Therefore the Top Dog courses are overpriced.)

We have tested the Top Dog Trading system for 4+ months. The account ended -30% down.

Top Dog Trading Test Results

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Smart Forex Learning

Smart Forex Learning teaches one swing trading strategy, which is based on trend reversals.

The Good about Smart Forex Learning is the enthusiastic and dedicated Forex educator who is eager to answer questions quickly. The weekly watchlist and the Slack forum were also useful.

Drawback is that the strategy is a bit too discretionary. Results below show the system was profitable.

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JannaFX is the only trading course that is totally FREE of charge. It is in fact not a course, but a YouTube Channel, with new videos posted every weekend.

JannaFX teaches a break-out-trading strategy on the hourly chart, and it is based on pure price action. So no indicators. The system is very easy to trade and to learn, and for that reason it is a very good starter strategy for Forex newbies.

The good thing of the strategy is the high strike rate. Drawback is the very bad reward to risk ratio. One loser may wipe out the profit of 5-10 winners.  

The results of the test are shown below. After months of slow and steady account growth, all profit was wiped away again.

JannaFX Strategy Test Results

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