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There are a lot of Forex trading strategies online for sale. 

But profound tests if they really work are pretty scarce. Their sellers usually don’t publish their own results, let alone on myfxbook and with a verified live account. 

For this reason I decided to publish my own results with them here on this site.

Hope it can be of help for you in one way or another! 


How To Make Any Forex Strategy Work

As most experienced traders will know, a strategy is not enough to become successful in Forex trading.

The trading mind is all what it is about.

And by trading mind, I don’t mean a trading mind in the sense of being able to deal with emotions that play up, or such. 

By trading mind I mean a magic trading mind, a trading mind that makes any strategy work, even the crappy ones!

What is that magic trading mind

To explain let’s take a quick analogy with medieval alchemy.

Medieval alchemists attempted to transform lead into gold. But unlike what many people think, their goal was not to get gold and to become rich. 

Instead, their goal was solely to purify their souls and improve their inner state

The gold that appeared in their vessels, was celebrated, but not because it was gold. 

It was celebrated because it was a sign of accomplishment of the work, of achieving that holy inner state. Gold was simply a by-product.

That inner state the alchemist craves for, and let him turn lead into gold, is like a magic trading mind that turns crappy Forex strategies into holy grails.   

How to develop that mind? 

1. Say many times a day, like  a mantra: ‘Any strategy works.’ Keep on repeating. 

2. Take your Forex profits as a by-product only. Don’t go for it.

3. Be patient. For most beginners it is going to take a few years before that magic trading mind finally awakens.

But don’t let this demotivate you. It will come for sure. It will have to come anyway, otherwise you will fail in trading.

Anyway, the quickest way to get it is to start with a good Forex trading course and a tested profitable strategy

Check out a few of them here

About Forex Trading

Forex is short for Foreign Exchange which is sometimes even shorter abbreviated to FX. Forex is the currency market and trading Forex is trading currencies in order to make money.

Forex trading is not easy making money. Estimations are that 70-95% of Forex traders lose money, and the majority of beginning Forex traders quit trading within the first 2 years. 

Like you can never learn to drive a car in traffic just by reading manuals about it, Forex trading cannot be learned from courses only.  It can only be learned by doing it in real time. Or in other words: by practicing, practicing and practicing again, and over again, for months maybe years.  

It will take some time, but the good news is that it can be learned risk free by practicing with virtual money on a demo-account!

About Me

Greetings, and thanks for visiting Focorex.com. I am Vincent Brug and I have been trading Forex for about 4 years now. 

How did I learn? I have done various Forex courses, watched countless hours of YouTube videos, have attended numerous live trading rooms with professional traders.

But most of it I have learned from my own trading experience, and by practicing over and over again.

I have traded many trading systems, and in order to find out the best ones I decided to test them all out. I have published the results on this site.

The tests have been useful for me, and I hope that they can be useful for your trading in one way or another as well!

Vincent Brug